Friday, June 25, 2010

Midsummer accounting

On multiple cusps - spring to summer, waxing to waning daylight, Gemini to Cancer - it seemed time for an accounting, and a stroll with camera at sunset yesterday yielded the slide show below.

The weeds are still worrisome but no longer have the upper hand. The tree crops are looking great, especially the apricots, figs, persimmons, plums, and quince. We'll have abundant grapes over a long season. The late-planted corn is knee-high, and the tomatoes hold great promise. Precocious winter squash and pumpkins have already produced 15-pound fruit. We have several generations of lettuce and spinach, beets in abundance, and a promising prospect for melons.

And the hops are exuberant; most varieties having reached the top of the trellis wire and are spilling over. All show a heavy crop at various stages from burr to bud.

A time to rejoice - and to look forward with some trepidation to the real hot weather that will drive the growth and ripening of the tomatoes and melons.

Midsummer 2010 Slide Show
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