Friday, August 20, 2010

rotten magic

Rotten City Pizza, Hollis Street, Emeryville, just over the border from the People's Republic. The name recalls an era when much of the Bay Area's vice was concentrated there. An Alameda County District Attorney destined for much greater things - Earl Warren - once referred to Emeryville as "the rottenest City on the Pacific Coast." It was known for its speakeasies, racetracks and brothels and general lawlessness. But that was then. Now it thrives in a mostly good way, a model for the new urbanism.

Kingbird Farms, vaguely east, over the hills, mid-harvest of a variety of wholesome things.

10 pounds or so of Kingbird heirloom tomatoes, delivered over the counter.

1 luscious large pizza (there is no "small" or "medium") featuring a few of those heirlooms, delivered back.

We paid for the beer - Speakeasy Double-IPA.

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