Sunday, December 19, 2010

kingbird peninsula

The storms of earlier this week brought water into the slough that wraps around our property for the first time this year - the earliest "fill" of any of the 10 years that we've been watching closely.

The pounding of the past few days brought the level substantially higher, to within a few feet of our driveway at its low point. The Cosumnes River is flowing at about 10,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) (and rising) where it exits the Sierra at Michigan Bar, and where California's Department of Water Resources maintains a gauge that feeds real-time flow information to the web (here). 10,000 cfs is less than 10% of the record peak achieved on January 3, 2007, but more than enough to cause the Cosumnes to overflow its banks in the reach below Twin Cities Road, which has no levees. To behave, in short, like a real river.

The forecasts for precipitation over the next few days were, a few days back, fairly over-the-top - forecasters appear to love to dwell on extreme possibilities - but the weather systems aren't coming in or lining up with quite as much punch as advertised.

We're prepared, none-the-less, for anything, with the car parked where it will remain able to access the outside world, and the canoe at the ready.
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