Tuesday, December 28, 2010

served in only the finest establishments

My friend Kerry of Magpie Cafe writes lovingly of Kingbird quince, inspiring me to post this menu shot from a few weeks back.

Ed Rohr and Janel Inouye (good slugs both) birthed Magpie Caterers a few years back and morphed into the Magpie Caterers and Cafe 20 months ago. Ed and Janel have an extraordinary talent for food, and for assembling a talented, well-functioning team. At 14th and R, downtown Sacramento, it's an oasis of good taste and good feelings and one of the best things to happen in Sacramento for years. A perfect place for a good time with friends, or for just a one on one with Pliny the Elder. And the perfect caterer for your next wedding or 60th birthday celebration ...

And Ms Kingbird reminds me that Magpie was one of a handful of inaugural recipients of the "Snail of Approval" a few months ago, a recognition conferred by Slow Food Sacramento on those restaurants best embodying the principles of "good, clean, fair food."

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