Sunday, February 27, 2011

other worlds

The late afternoon sun etches the reflected branches of a gallery of oak trees into the quiet waters of the slough. Bits of fluff floating on the surface hint that this is a photo of water, and only indirectly of tree.

February is the month here for photos involving water, trees, and reflected light. The wind has stripped the trees free of leaves, baring their architecture. Skies between storms tend to be clear and the sun angle often perfect.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

a cold morning

Not the forecast 28 or 29, but still a brisk 31 early this morning, with frost rimming leaves throughout the garden and patches of ice where rain remained puddled from yesterday morning's deluge.

Winter is playing out much like last year, with a wet and cold November-December, a relatively warm January and early February, and a wild return of winter over the past week, with more rain forecast next week.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a farm grows in the city

The Urban Adamah project ( will grow farmers (for the planet) and vegetables (for the Alameda County Food Bank) at this 2/3 acre site on San Pablo Avenue in West Berkeley. The landlord (Wareham Development LLC) has pledged the site for a minimum of two years, plus relocation assistance when and if needed. Urban Adamah has roots in the Jewish Greening Fellowship and the Adamah Fellowship of Connecticut, and it's leaders call themselves the Jewish Sustainability Corps. They plan to celebrate major Jewish holidays on site.

The Berkeley project starts with an impressive roster of community partners and leadership. They hit the ground running with the construction of a greenhouse on a windy day that alternated crisp sunlight with squalls of rain and hail. Plans emphasize mobility of greenhouses, hen houses, and other site support structures. Since vacant urban land is unlikely to ever be in short supply, the concept of a mobile farm ("we'll leave when we need to") founded on a relationship of mutual trust with the landowner, is simply brilliant.

We wish them well.
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