Friday, March 18, 2011

spring submerged

It's Kingbird peninsula again, with miles of open water in every direction and the driveway just barely above water. On a long canoe outing on Thursday I snapped this photo of submerged vegetation on a whim.

More photos at this link. Stay warm and dry!

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Nice blog! I'm Anna Brown, and my father, Marc Brown, sent me the link after attending a birthday on your farm last weekend. I would love to visit your place, and if you're ever down near Modesto, I'd be happy to show you around the small farm I'm on. As I think my dad told you, it's the former Heifer International educational farm in Ceres, but since Heifer pulled out I focus on vegetables instead of animals now. (No more water buffalo...).
    Shoot me an email - if you'd be open to me visiting on a weekend sometime, or would like to visit here.

    Anna Brown