Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the race is on

The Alaskans up the hill in Amador County (don't they still have snow on the ground up there?) have gotten their tomato starts in the ground before us (http://winecountry.posterous.com/). But we're only a few days behind, and the superior soils and climate of the Cosumnes bottomlands will no doubt yield a heavy, early crop of delectable fruit.

Today WWOOFer Andy and I planted 24 tomato plants, all heirlooms grown from seed in the greenhouse. The names, a slice of Americana, make a kind of gardener's poetry: Moneymaker, Three Sisters, Red Pear, Golden Nugget, Striped Cavern, Amana Orange, Cherokee Purple, Red and Pink Brandywine, Garden Peach, Gardener's Delight, Caro Rich, Eva Purple Ball, Bolden Julilee Gold Medal, Radiator Charley's Mortgage Lifter, Goldman's Italian American.

(If anyone out there wants a plant or two, let me know. I have way more starts than I can use!)
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