Friday, June 3, 2011

definitely more caltech than mit

The "extending the frontiers of engineering design" award for this year goes to the enterprising and imaginative pair of barn swallows who decided to anchor their mud nest on a couple of strands of rope hanging from a hook in the carport ceiling. (One can only imagine the back-story: "In an exclusive interview, Mr. B. Swallow acknowledged initial doubts about the soundness of the design but expressed satisfaction with the outcome. 'She said she wanted something different this year, not just the usual boring half-cup on a vertical wall like all of the neighors have. Well, by gum, I showed her, didn't I?'")

Efficient? - hard to tell. It seems to require more material and more labor. Does it confer some advantage? Perhaps. They embarked on construction just as the house swallows had commenced taking over swallow nests, and perhaps this was a response to that threat. It does seem to work. And it's still occupied by a swallow pair.

As to stowing the canoe in the carport any time soon? Sorry, Hal ...
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