Friday, June 17, 2011

young energy

We get a nice notice from Casey, whose blog/journal records an exploration of Lodi and environs, with an emphasis on things food- and farm-related. Contact resulted from Casey's chance conversation with the folks at Sacramento's Brew Ferment Distill, purveyor of Kingbird hops.

Casey is a beer-maker and cook whom we hope to see more of. But (sorry, Dad!) the better parts of his visit were Ava and Jackson, who charmed us old parents completely and were in turn suitably impressed by chickens, songbirds, nests, and farmscape. Soon barefoot, Ava, as in the fairy tale, left behind a footwear memento - in this case a pair of small socks. Although tempted, we did not follow the script and set off southward in search of the damsel who fit them. We used the reliable US Mail instead, but we do hope for another dance.
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