Sunday, July 24, 2011


The hot weather of the past few days has forced a number of semi-flight-capable barn swallows out of their nests. The small birds stand on the rim of the nest, doing all they can to create space between one another, and some of them tumble out. Ms. K has named this one "Eddy." Eddy landed, and remains, on the pavement outside the kitchen door. For the past couple of days his dedicated parents have been finding and feeding him there. The white moustache is what ornithologists call a "grin patch." It's a target for feeding parents and will fade quickly as he gains flight and foraging skills.

Of course, "hot" is relative. We got to 96F two days ago and close to that yesterday. This morning brings a wash of cool breeze that promises to keep the day well below 90F. Our comfortable, low-humidity temperatures are not even in the ballpark compared to what the rest of the country (with 33 states seeing a heat index of 100F or greater) has been experiencing over the past week.
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