Sunday, March 18, 2012

awakening to water

We awoke this morning to deep water in the slough that arcs through our property. Dry yesterday, the slough filled overnight because our little river, the Cosumnes, was pushed out of its banks by heavy rain in the Sierra over the past few days, filling the series of natural depressions east of the river. Depending on the weathern pattern over the next few months, the slough will either gradually empty and be dry by the first of June, or stay wet through July and August, as it did last year.

This is the latest fill date for the slough in the 20+ years that we've been watching. Last year we had a February fill, but prior to that the slough had always filled within a few days of January 1.

This week's series of storms gave us about an inch and a half of water, greatly improving conditions in the garden but leaving us still at barely above half our seasonal average.
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