Saturday, March 3, 2012

otow orchard

 We visited Otow Orchard yesterday, a 40-acre island of sanity amid the affluent sprawl of Granite Bay in Placer County. The farm is run by our friends Tosh and Chris Kuratomi (and Chris' vigorous 96-year old mom), and our visit was long overdue. Tosh and Chris grow dozens of types and varieties of fruit, mostly old varieties. The farm was launched in 1914 by Chris' grandfather and many of the producing trees date from the initial plantings.

The farm's fruit-stand sells fruits and vegetables in season, with something offered all year. Stop by if you're going anywhere near Granite Bay. It's a tranquil and beautiful place.

We leave with a few hoshigaki. A specialty of the farm, hoshigaki (photo below) are hachiya (or similar) persimmon that are peeled and dried. The flavor is a dense, concentrated essence of persimmon.

More photos (courtesy of Ms Kingbird) are here.

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