Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the hopyard takes shape again

Guests Nadir and Julie, from near Lyons, France via New Caledonia and some other exotic places, have recreated the hop trellis and got the little guys pointed upwards once again. Hops die back completely in October and start fresh from their big (and growing) root systems each March. Except for some particularly rowdy varieties (Cascade, I'm looking at you ...) we're ahead of the curve; the bines (hop-speak for vines) are just at the launch point. Julie is a nurse and Nadir a physical therapist. Both speak excellent English and have been easy house guests and effective workers.

Julie and Nadir found us through a program called Help Exchange, an organization which links travelers with host sites, many of them non-profits in need of labor and in position to provide meals and housing. We are newly subscribed to "HelpEx" and these two are the first that have found us that way.


  1. Yeah, my Cascade has already topped out at 11', while my Chinook is just getting started!

  2. I'm Nadir & Julie's friend. however, you may not be surprised if I say they are really really nice people...