Saturday, May 5, 2012

connect* the favas!

We're at several 100 pounds of favas distributed and still only about half-harvested. This year I occupied, with favas, some of the un-leased beds at the community garden (which is now, happily, fully subscribed and with a growing wait-list), as well as growing an abundance here at Kingbird. At the food bank they are popular with some and eagerly sought, and a mystery to others. Although labor-intensive (pick, shell, peel) they reward throughout their life cycle - providing a nice mass of green in the winter garden, early flowers for the pollinators, nitrogen for the soil, biomass for the compost table, and protein for the table, and all of that without irrigation or a need to weed. My candidate for miracle crop.

*Bill McKibben, true global hero, asks us to "connnect the dots" globally today to demonstrate our concern about climate change. I'll be joining an event later. You should too - or at least pause for a moment, breathe deeply, think green thoughts, reflect on our urgent need to change course and avert disaster, and resolve to do your part going forward.
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