Saturday, July 21, 2012

corn, corn

America's corn crop is withering across the corn belt and temperature records are falling like dominoes. (In the latter category, my candidate for most symbolic is Death Valley's night-time low temperature of 107 degrees on July 12-13 - the warmest low temperature for a 24-hour period ever recorded anywhere on earth.) 64% of the continental US is officially in drought, and the intensity and breadth of the drought continues to grow. It is what one hopes will be an "oh, shit" wake-up moment for the planet. The link is to Bill McKibben's cover story in this week's Rolling Stone. Read it, share it, act on it.

Our high temperature for July 13 was 92, 15 degrees lower than Death Valley's low, continuing the summer's pattern of very plant-friendly temperatures locally. It shows in our floriani corn, now 9 feet tall and forming ears. In this photo it's a wall of green behind one of hundreds of oil-seed sunflowers that are also thriving.
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